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Aesthetic Services

At Life Women’s Health Center, our beauty and aesthetic services adopt the holistic approaches of regenerative medicine, together with cutting-edge technology, to help amplify your innate healing abilities and enhance your vitality. From stem cell treatments, to skin tightening and plasma therapy, turn back your biological clock so you can look and feel your very best.


In Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, we insert a patient’s own platelets into the body, using each patient’s own recovery systems to accelerate healing and encourage the growth of new cells. PRP can stimulate tissue regeneration and be used to achieve numerous aesthetic results, as well as treat musculoskeletal issues such as injured tendons, ligaments, muscles.

MD Beauty Pro

An anti-inflammatory serum, MD Beauty Pro utilises specific growth factors and cytokines derived from a patient’s own blood, to assist in repair and regeneration. The serum can be applied directly on wounds, or injected around inflicted areas. It is more commonly used in cases of diabetic ulcers, post surgical wounds, and invasive facial treatments.

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