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What is Bio-Resonance Therapy?

Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT) uses electro-magnetic frequencies to bring the body back into balance. Non-invasive, painless, and safe for all, the procedure does not interfere with alternative treatments, and can be used to treat sensitive patients, children, and even infants.

Utilising biophysics, the procedure helps to correct the root causes of health conditions within the body. This enables the body to rid itself of toxins, improving immunity levels and internal healing. With little to no side-effects, it is an effective option for those experiencing chronic and degenerative diseases, helping patients achieve a healthy, faster recovery.

How Does BRT Work?

According to Quantum Physics, all matter has waves and particles, including the organs and cells in our body. These produce distinct frequency patterns that reveal a lot about our overall health.

Bio-Resonance Therapy measures and makes use of these frequencies. Wavelengths emitted from your body and organs are detected by placing BICOM machine pads on your skin. From there, we’re able to filter the waves into healthy and unhealthy ones. The good waves are amplified, boosting your immunity and improving your organ functions. The unhealthy ones — which can cause stress on your internal systems — are counteracted, eliminating harmful waves and enhancing your overall health.

The Bio-Resonance Therapy takes approximately 60 minutes to administer, combining a range of treatment programs.

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