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MD Beauty Pro

Mononuclear Derived Beauty Proliferation or for short, MD Beauty Pro treatment is the latest professional skin therapy derived from our own bio-active proteins that is founded within our own blood (hence, autologous). MD Beauty Pro also consists of personalized cytokines and grown factors derived from our own mononuclear cells (white blood cells).

Cytokines and grown factors are signals cell uses to communicate with one another. MD Beauty Pro is injected into the face or targeted body areas, this would allow the delivery of enriched cytokines and growth factors to promote your skin to repair itself by triggering the cells to repair, rejuvenate and stimulating collagen production. This therapeutic technology works naturally to give you back your youthful radiant skin while promoting healthy skin longevity.

MD Beauty Pro are commonly used to any targeted skin conditions and issues such as:

Common signs of skin conditions and issues can be found in  

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