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Customer Reviews and Testimonials

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Thank you very much for all your help. I am very grateful for it.
Khun Na Liu
Thank you very much to Doctor Beer and Nurse Gae for following up with me constantly. I miss everyone at the clinic dearly and am rather sad that I’m unable to visit the clinic now! Probably no other doctor that takes care of me as good as Doctor Beer did.
Khun Kwanruen
Doctor Beer and his team of nurses are extremely professional and gave advice that are very valuable. They take great care throughout the entire steps and always follow up constantly after the treatments. They also calculate any possibility and execute proper planning to prevent any mistakes from happening while also coming up with a suitable plan for each person’s unique body. This allows us to also save money while also getting the best result for us. Thank you very much!
Khun Air
One of the most professional and supportive clinics in Thailand. BELIEVE IT OR NOT…I have never written any review for anyone before. I wrote this review not because they asked me for a favor, but my wife and I wanted to express our feelings how awesome this clinic is.

My wife and I could never enough good things about the clinic itself. We were deeply touched by the care we have received from the clinic. Doctor Beer and his staff are professional and supportive. Every staff is super friendly. Special thanks Doctor Beer and Khun Kae for being with us from the start of our fertility journey to the happy ending. They both never once hesitated to answer our questions to answer our questions and always taking time to address all our concerns and questions with grace and compassion. The MOST important thing is they never let us down.

Khun Kae is a very genuine gentle and kind lady who will make you feel like you are her number one. Nothing else’s more important than you when you are with her. That’s why she brought my wife so much comfort during the treatment.

Doctor Beer is a highly professional doctor who’s full of sincerity and empathy to his patients. Sufficient information was provided in every single step, but he did so in a more relaxing way. He took his time to review our case individually without prejudice and for us, he has changed the whole world. We highly recommend the clinic to anyone who is looking for the same journey. Trust me, and you won’t be disappointed.
Khun Annie
From almost giving up on conceiving, our hope was restored again once we came to this clinic.

We are a married couple, both aged 37 and happily married for the last 5 years. We have tried countless methods to try and conceive our baby. Finally, we heard about this clinic from a friend of ours hence we decided to come in and consult with Doctor Beer, the expert towards this side. Upon our first arrival, we were extremely touched with the location, team members who extended us a very warm welcome. The most important thing was our conversation with Doctor Beer. As he’s an expert in this field, he gave us very importance advice and was very clear with all of them. For our case, he recommended doing the ICSI, hence we started our planning with him throughout all the process. I must say, the technologies here are just out of the world! After through all the process, we are extremely impressed and am sure that we didn’t make the wrong decision in coming to this clinic. We would like to recommend this clinic to any couples who may be finding difficulties in conceiving. Thank you for everything!
Khun Nok and Khun Nut
Originally, I wanted 2 children. I was able to have my first child naturally; however, it took around almost 2 years. When our first child was big enough, we wanted to have a second child, but it wasn’t successful. Didn’t they say that it will be easier to conceive after the first one? As time passed, we thought we should consult the doctor as I am getting closer to becoming 40.

A friend of us recommended to consult with Doctor Beer, so I decided to give it a try. Doctor Beer explained thoroughly all the details regarding each step of IVF. In the end, we decided to follow his advice. During that time, I took supplements and got injections according to Doctor Beer and nurse’s instruction. The egg pick up was done and eventually the eggs were fertilized and became embryos.

During the wait to transfer the embryos, from the first checkup, my fallopian tubes were swollen. Doctor Beer suggested that I should wait until everything is better to increase the chance of pregnancy. I agreed that it is better to wait until my body is ready, so that it will be successful. The following month, I found out that I got pregnant naturally, so I decided to have prenatal care with Doctor Beer.

Doctor Beer was very thorough, he did glucose screening 4 times, and the team of nurses also look after us very well from the point of consultation at first, all the way up until I gave birth. I feel very impressed with their attentiveness and service here. Thank you once again to Doctor Beer and his amazing team of nurses!
Khun Porjai